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Mac OSx 10.12 – 11.X Video Surgeon 3 for Apple
Win 7 – Win 11 Video Surgeon 3 for Windows

This page demonstrates one of the many uses of Video Surgeon. In addition to the normal video slow motion and zooming, Video Surgeon is used to condense the time frame of a football game. The example clip below was taken from a YouTube video we downloaded using Video Surgeon.

Video 1: The original clip taken from Youtube was a 3.5 hour collegiate football game. For purposes of illustration we worked with only the first quarter in this demonstration. The first quarter originally was about 39 minutes. Using Video Surgeon's editing functions we removed all deadspace from this quarter. Specifically we removed, timeouts, huddles, penalties and any other deadspots. This results in a video that is only about 6 minutes, yet contains ALL plays run by both teams during the entire quarter.