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Video Surgeon 3 Support

Video Surgeon has a fully staffed Help Desk that provides 24 hour response times during the M-F work week. This Help Desk contains a support ticket system, a Knowledge Base, and Download Links to all versions of the software, including older versions. The Help Desk is our primary method of providing technical support, so please start there and complete a Help Desk ticket if you'd like to contact us.

Your purchase of Video Surgeon entitles you to 2 years of free support. After this two year period the use of the Ticket System is subject to a fee, depending upon the issue. If it is due to a bug on our end, there will be no charge. However, if it is due to something other than a bug in the software, you will be asked to extend your support plan another year, before we respond to your ticket. All remaining parts of the Help Desk, such as the Knowledgebase and Download's section remain available to you at no additional cost, at all times.

Video Surgeon 3 Help Desk

In addition to the Help Desk, Video Surgeon also utilizes the Telephone and a Remote Assistance System, to provide non-routine support, on an as-needed basis. The use of these two support methods is initiated by Video Surgeon support staff, at their discretion.

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Video Surgeon 3 Training Videos

The Video Surgeon website also has a series of Training Videos which we highly encourage you to view. These videos cover all of the functions found in Video Surgeon and will answer most questions. We also refer you to the User Guide which you can access through the Help Button of the software.

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Video Surgeon 3

Video Surgeon also comes with a detailed written User Guide. You can browse this guide on-line or you can download and print the User Guide as a pdf document.

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All initial support request should be initiated through our Help Desk. Please do not email or call if you are seeking customer assistance or technical support. We need the written details of your problem in order to effectively assist you and we need to be able to track all of the correspondence in one location, which the Help Desk allows us to do.