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Will You Be Our Next Affiliate To Earn
A 5 Figure Commission in a Single Month?

Video Surgeon is a breakthrough product, putting video analysis capabilities into the hands of the everyday consumer. Anyone that uses video in the training, learning, lessons, teaching or instruction – regardless of the field of endeavor can benefit from the use of Video Surgeon.

If you have a website, blog, social media account, or any other online real estate that fits the above description you should consider becoming a Video Surgeon affiliates. As an affiliate you have the potential to earn serious money. The amount of money you can earn depends upon the amount of traffic you can send to us, the relevance and responsiveness of the traffic, and the type of promotion you run. It is not uncommon for affiliates to earn thousands of dollars from a targeted 1-2 week email campaign.

Because Video Surgeon is sold worldwide and because it is used in many different fields we have integrated Video Surgeon with four different affiliate programs (networks). If you are already a member of one of these networks then you’ll probably want to join the Video Surgeon affiliate program at that network. If you are not familiar with the networks listed, then we suggest you join our in-house program. And of course, if you have any questions about which one to join, feel free to contact us.

The list of affiliate networks is found below. Click the button of the affiliate network you are interested in, and you will be redirected to the signup page for Video Surgeon for that network.

The commission rate paid is the same across all networks. Our default commission is 35%. However, if you have a sizeable list and can demonstrate that you can send a sizeable amount of traffic to us, we may willing to consider raising this commission percentage.

How Much Money Can I Earn?

Video Surgeon 3 Affiliate EARN

The amount of money you can earn depends upon a variety of factors. These factors include the volume of traffic, the responsiveness of this traffic, the type of campaign you run and, whether you endorse the product. We have had affiliate partners generate thousands of dollars in commission over a 7-14 day period. Email campaign conversion rates typically run 2-6% with EPCs (earnings per click) of $.50 - $2.24.

What Types of Promotions Can I Do?

Email CampaignShort term, targeted email campaigns are the most successful in generating significant revenues in a short period of time. Each campaign is tailored for the website and affiliate partner we are working with, but generally speaking such campaigns consist of 3-5 emails that are sent to your email list over a 7-14 day period. We provide a swipe file which contains a set of emails which you are free to use as they are, or you may edit them to suit your taste.

Banner Advertising – Banner advertisements placed on online real estate (social media, blog, websites, etc.) are campaigns that payoff over the long haul. Clickthrough rates of banners are low, therefore this is a strategy of ongoing, signficant visitor traffic. Any traffic sent to the site is cookied and if a sale is made, either that day or anytime in the subsequent 90 days, you will get credit for that sale and paid a commission.

Video Surgeon Promo: March 2019: List Size 5000

Video Surgeon 3 Affiliate
Total Clicks = 559 Earnings Per Click = $2.52
Total Sales = 42 Sales Conversion Rate = 7.51%
Total Commission Earned = $1,407

Video Surgeon Promo: January 2017: List Size 45,000

Video Surgeon 3 Affiliate
Total Clicks = 4719 Earnings Per Click = $1.07
Total Sales = 149 Sales Conversion Rate = 3.16%
Total Commission Earned = $5,070

Video Surgeon Promo: February 2016

Video Surgeon 3 Affiliate

Video Surgeon Promo: January 2016

Video Surgeon 3 Affiliate

Product Reviews – Product reviews can be an effective way to generate interest and educations your customer and visitors about a product. If you have a blog, website, or social media account with significant traffic and would like to conduct a review of Video Surgeon and post it on your online property, please contact us.. Anyone is free to download and use the fully functional demo version for conducting a review. If you have a larger site, we could consider providing a free review copy.

Free Drawing – Giving away copies of Video Surgeon to your customers, members or visitors is another option we offer. Typically we offer 1 copy of the product per 100 people that sign up for the drawing. In the past we have given away as many as 15 copies (over $2000 of the software) in such drawings. We have a drawing mechanism set up and ready to go on our site, which is easily customizable with an affilates name. You send traffic to this page, and when an interested parties sign up for the drawing, we also provide them with a free copy of the demo. This allows all visitors to experience the use Video Surgeon with the expectation that some of these people will return days or weeks later and buy the product, resulting in a commission for you.

Other – We are flexible and open to new ideas and ways to promote Video Surgeon that will generate sales resulting in revenues for us and commissions for you. If you have ideas, please contact us.We’d love to hear from you.

Real Time Stats and Reports

Regardless of which of our affiliate programs you sign up for, you’ll have access to real-time statistics within your account.

Video Surgeon 3 Affiliate


Payments vary somewhat depending upon the Affiliate provide you choose. Generally though payment are made once monthly and require a minimum threshold of $100 in commissions. Payment are typically available via Paypal and check. Direct deposit is also available in some instances.

Video Surgeon 3 Affiliate

$100 Signing Bonus

Some people prefer the security of larger third party affiliate networks. If that’s you that is fine. However, we’d like to entice you to signup for our in-house program because over the long run it saves us money. As an incentive to you to join this program we are offering a $100 sign-up bonus that is payable at the time you earn your first $100 in commissions. That means your first payment from us will be $200.

Video Surgeon 3 Affiliate
Video Surgeon 3 Affiliate


Video Surgeon 3 Affiliate

Below is a selection of banners available for Video Surgeon. You can choose from any of these banners, make your own, or if you’d like us to make a customer banner for your site – please contact us and we’ll consider your request.