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Mac OSx 10.12 – 11.X Video Surgeon 3 for Apple
Win 7 – Win 11 Video Surgeon 3 for Windows

Have you ever wanted to slow down a piece of video so that you could really see how they were performing something in a training video? Even better, would it not be useful to video zoom in to see exactly how they manipulated their fingers to produce something. It might have been a training video for knitting, playing an instrument or building a car. Whatever it was with Video Surgeon, you can do all of that and more to make your training sessions more productive and decrease the time it takes to really learn something well.

All of us at one time or another has wished we could zoom in on something we saw in a video to figure out how they really did that. We might have seen something on TV, or downloaded one of the thousands of youtube videos that are now on the internet, or purchased a DVD with a training video for some course we are taking. There are many situations were being able to use video image zooming software to zoom-in on digital video would provide us with much more value in terms of understanding a new technique or concept that was being taught on the video we were watching.

My daughter once taught herself how to knit by watching some training videos she found on the internet. They might even have been on youtube. I was quite impressed by the fact that she taught herself by following these videos. She was able to teach herself some of the more complicated moves by starting and stopping the video every few seconds so that she could master some of the stitches and produce mitts, hats, scarves, even a sweater. She said that she found it a bit difficult to master some of the techniques since the video was not detailed enough and not close enough to the finger action. Imagine how easy it might have been if using Video Surgeon with the video zoom capability and the loop around capability. She would have been able to set the video so that it looped at various points and with the zoom-in digital video capability been able to see the finger action clearly.

The video image zooming software can be used for many different applications and combined with some of the other features is a very powerful tool that can really help consumers with their personal video jobs as well as with professional jobs as well. Sometimes videos are played at training meetings at work. Wouldn’t it be useful to show a loop sometimes with a zoom-in of a digital video piece of content to get your point across? There are many applications of this software. All you need to do is give it some thought to see how it can enhance your life style.