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How To Slow Video Down

Mac OSx 10.12 – 11.X Video Surgeon 3 for Apple
Win 7 – Win 11 Video Surgeon 3 for Windows

Have you recently watched a Youtube video and wondered how they did whatever they are doing on the video? Maybe it was a training video or perhaps it was just some guy posting a video to the world with some sort of gimmick. If you could only slow the youtube video down so that you could see exactly how they did whatever they doing?

With Video Surgeon you can use this tool to perform video slow down techniques to really examine the video closely. I once watched a video on youtube of a guy performing some sort of magical trick. He really was quite good and I wanted to figure out just how he was doing his tricks. Unfortunately for me I did not have Video Surgeon at the time, so all I could do is watch the video from youtube many times and trying to stop the video just at the right time to display how he was performing the trick. The guy was good and I never did figure out how he did what he did. If I had been able to slow the video playback, I might have been able to figure out how his magical trick was done.

You probably have gathered by now that you can use Video Surgeon to slow video playback of just about any video that you can download to your computer. In fact you can capture just about any video off of the internet or your DVD player and apply video slow down techniques as well as add other attributes to the video. You can save it as a video project for future reference with the attributes that you added such as looping and editing the video. This is a really powerful tool that you can use to slow youtube video’s and any other type of video that you can load onto your computer.

Each video becomes a project and can be saved as a project for future playback, editing or showing to friends and acquaintances. There are so many applications for this project it is amazing to even think of them all. Most people have used video cameras and would love to view them and edit them to add humor or just look at them more closely. With this product your imagination is the limit to what you can do with original videos that you have around your home or that you download off the internet.

If you are interested in managing and editing your videos, performing slow video playback analysis or just need a tool to slow youtube video training sessions to allow you to learn how to perform a new task such as sewing, playing music or even how to videos on various subjects, then this product is for you. Don’t wait, try it out now and see how quickly it is to install and begin using the Video Surgeon product.