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    Slo-Mo Director vs. Video Surgeon

    Slo-Mo Director is a very basic video playback software that enables you to slow video down and to set loop points. That is the extent of its video capabilities. First marketed in 2007, the technology behind this program is at least three years old. When compared to Video Surgeon, Slo-Mo Director falls short in many places. What it does, it does reasonable well, but it simply does not have the full range of features that one would expect from video software program.

    Video Downloader

    An important feature for any video program is the ability do download videos from Youtube, as well as other sites. Video Surgeon can do this, Slo-Mo Director cannot.

    Video Zoom

    What about the ability to zoom in? Here again, Slo Mo Director cannot while Video Surgeon can. Clearly, slowing down a video is important, but when you combine slow down with zooming you increase the value of both. It' like saying 2 + 2 = 8.

    Project Settings

    Here again, SloMo Director falls short as there is no functionality to save project settings and recall them for later use. Video Surgeon has this functionality - you can save loop points, tempo, and zoom, plus it allows you to save project notes.

    Pitch Change

    Both products enable you to slow a video without changing the pitch, but if you want to change the pitch Video Surgeon can do this for you, Slo Mo Director cannot.

    DVD Ripping

    This feature is found in Video Surgeon, but not in SloMo Director. Again this is an important feature because it allows people that have DVD video lessons, to rip those files from the DVD to their hard drive and thus enabling them to be opened and manipulated in Video Surgeon.

    Other Notable Features

    Video Surgeon also can extract the audio from the video and then save and convert this audio to an mp3 or wav file. Video Surgeon also allows you to resize and convert video files to mpeg 4 files so that you can load these onto your Ipod or other portable players.

    Video Surgeon Uses

    Our customers use Video Surgeon in many different ways. Musicians, for example use Video Surgeon to download a music lesson, and then slow down video for practicing purposes. Athletes use Video Surgeon in a similar fashion. Not only is the slow down feature valuable, the ability to zoom is also a very useful tool for athletes and coaches.

    While musicians and people playing sports are the most common users, there are a wide variety of other potential users including Private Investigators and Law Enforcement (reviewing video footage for documentary or evidentiary purposes). Dancers like Video Surgeon for reviewing and critiquing dance moves and steps. Researchers use Video Surgeon for the closer study and scrutiny of video data and evidence.

    One Last Difference - A Demo Version

    If you are interested in Video Surgeon, please complete this form at the top of our home page, and we'll send you a link to download the FREE Demo version. The Demo version is a fully working version that has full functionality. It will limit you to 90 minutes of run-time.

    One other option to grab the free demo version of Video Surgeon is to go to Download.com.

    We think it is very important that you TRY the demo first before you buy it. That way you are not taking our word for it, you can actually see for yourself.