"Finally! A Powerful Video Motion Analysis Program
That's Not Only Fun, But Super Easy To Use!"

PLUS! It Won't Cost You Hundreds or Even Thousands of Dollars
Like Most Programs That Can Do The Exact Same Thing!

Let's face it, if you use video as a musician, trainer, athlete, fitness instructor, teacher, or for any other endeavor, it can get a bit tricky and even expensive to use. Most programs that use video motion analysis are not only very expensive, but they can be a royal pain to use. Now there's a much easier (and less expensive!) alternative you're going to simply love to use to get the results you desire the most!

Video Surgeon Makes Video Analysis a Breeze!

Video Surgeon is the ultimate teaching and learning tool that can transform ordinary video footage into amazing and fully customized lessons by harnessing the power of BOTH video motion analysis and playback review. Usually this kind of technology is reserved for professionals like golf and tennis pros, Olynpic athletes, and professional teams, like the St. Louis Cardinals or Chicago White Sox.

But Video Surgeon has changed the game, and now you can have access to the same powerful tools that the real pros use!

The Sky Is The Limit With What You Can Do…

The real beauty of Video Surgeon is not only it’s flexibility and power, but also its ease of use. There are numerous ways you can use Video Surgeon to benefit you for your own personal needs or in the ways of instruction and training. The sky is really the limit.


Are you the coach of a little league team that would like to analyze the Batting swing of your kids?



Are you a sax player that has video footage of lessons or YouTube videos that you'd like to slow down, so you can easily follow along and learn from them?



Are you a golf or tennis "Weekend Warrior" wouldlike to analyze your swing or stroke to make you a better player and give you an endge over your friends and opponents?



Are you a dancer that would like to review and analyze your own performance to help you become a better dancer?



Are you an instructor who uses video analysis to show your students exactly where they are going wrong?



Maybe you have your own unique ideas you'd like to use with video motion analysis?


Video Surgeon can do all of the above plus other types of video analysis and playback that you may need! CREATE powerful video lessons. SPEED UP the learning curve for yourself or your students. QUICKLY ANALYZE where things are going wrong.

The Growth of Videos Is Exploding

In today's world, video is being created every single second on Smartphones, Digital Camcorders, iPads, digital cameras with much of it posted on video sites like YouTube. Right now is the perfect time to harness the power of these videos (and your own) for the purposes you desire the most.

Here's just a fraction of the Core Features You’ll Discover When You Purchase Video Surgeon For Yourself....

Slow Down – Slow down video to 25% of the original tempo and easily analyze each step in the video with much more detail and focus! If you export and then re-open and slow down a second time you can achieve an incredible slow 6.25% of the original

Looping – By creating "loops" you can isolate a particular segment of a video and play it over and over again. This repetition allows you to easily review something as many times as you wish until you’re able to understand, diagnose or analyze what you’re seeing in greater detail.

Zooming – The ability to zoom-in within a video is very powerful. When you can apply zooming, slow motion, and looping - all at the same time, you have a very powerful tool to help you analyze and extract every last bit of useful information from your video.

Freezing frame – The ability to scroll forward or backward, in fractions of a second or down to frame-by-frame resolution means nothing is left unseen!

Video Editing – Now you can delete parts of your videos that are not useful, or even cut and paste parts you DO like from various videos to create one cohesive final video!

Exporting – This allows you to create an entirely new video with all of your changes embedded within it. The new video files created make your changes permanent and portable, ready for use and visible in any video playback device you choose.

Video Downloading – Have you discovered useful videos on YouTube? Video Surgeon enables you to download videos from YouTube and thousands of other websites for your own personal use, essentially giving you access to an unlimited library of videos.

Give Yourself or Your Students The Real Competitive "Edge"

By using video motion analysis, and the powerful tools in Video Surgeon, you can learn how to play the guitar faster, hit a baseball further, learn how to dance like a pro…or become better at whatever you (or your students) want to do! Video Surgeon will give you that HUGE competitive advantage. Best of all, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get your hands on this powerful piece of software!

Grab your copy of Video Surgeon today by clicking the buy button below, OR, click the Demo button and take our fully functional, 4-hour demo for a test drive today. Either way, get started using this incredibly useful software today!