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Ever wanted to free up the time it took to learn something new? Video Surgeon can help you discover new talents in less time, with little hassle. Save hundreds of hours yearly with this powerful tool

With Video Surgeon You Can Quickly
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You Now Have The Power To Strip-Down,
Take Apart, And Put Back Any Video
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Video Surgeon is the ultimate teaching and learning tool. It can transform ordinary video footage into a valuable learning tool by harnessing the power of BOTH video motion analysis and playback review. Usually this kind of technology is reserved for professionals like golf and tennis pros, Olympic athletes, and of course professional sports teams.
Video analysis is a staple of training programs used by the Pros. At a cost of hundreds and even thousands of dollars, these systems are a small price for such athletes and teams. Until now, the cost of such systems has put them out of the reach of the average consumer. Now you can have access to many of the same features used by the Pros - but at a fraction of the cost

Stop Wasting Time Trying To Analyze
Videos Yourself And Let
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Video Surgeon was specifically for the consumer, not some IT guy or gadget wizard. It allows users to slow down the video to 25% - or even slower by exporting and then re-opening file. You can also create looping areas and zoom in. When slow motion, zooming and looping are employed at the same time, you have a powerful tool to assist you in analyzing video and extracting and maximizing your learning potential.

Is That All It Does?

Actually, that's just the beginning. Video Surgeon also enables you to do frame-by-frame review and analysis, it allows you to print video frames while zoomed in, it performs basic editing, and it can EXPORT changes -- creating a new video with slow motion and zoom embedded in the new video. It also contains a video downloader, rips DVD's and can open files from most video cameras.
Lastly, it allows you to set up mulitple loops and individually customize them, and it changes the key of audio flawlessly (a very important feature for musicians.)
Video Slow Motion
Video Surgeon can open an existing video file and slow it down to 25% or even further 6.25% without loosing quality
The benefit of video slow motion is that you can see many things that you might otherwise miss when played at normal speed, thus allowing you to analyzing strengths and weaknesses. The identification of weaknesses, problems or errors is the most important first step to fixing them
Video Zooming
Videos Surgeon can easily zoom in 2-fold, 4-fold, 8-fold or even more
The ability to zoom in when a video is playing allows a user to focus on a particular segment of the video and magnify it, thus making it easier to see what is going on and ascertain details that otherwise might be missed or overlooked.
Creation of Looping Areas
The creation of looping areas allows users to isolate specific parts of the video for repetitive playback. This repetitive playback provides for continuous repeated viewing which may help in the understanding of what is going on, the identification of techniques being used or the finding and identication of weakness to be fixed.
Simultaneous Video Slow Motion, Zooming and Looping
Slow motion, zooming, and loop each are important features and valuable when reviewing video. However, when combined their power is magnified several times over and they become a potent tool for analyzing a video and extracting all of the valuable and useful information from it.
Printing of a frame or frames whether to paper or a digital file
Whether you are a teacher, student or a DIY learner, the ability to print a video frame or a series of video frames can be a valuable tool and can be a helpful accessory for teaching or learning. Video Surgeon can print to paper or to a digital file.
Frame-by-frame video analysis
Videos commonly contain 20, 30 or more frames per second. The ability to scroll forward or backward through a video, frame-by-frame to find a specific frame that illustrates or identifies a key characteristic can be very valuable.
Downloading from YouTube and 1000's of other sites
Videos on almost any topic are readily available on YouTube and thousands of other sites. Once you have found a video of interest, Video Surgeon allows you to download it, open it, and then apply and use any or all of Video Surgeon's functions on that video.
Exporting to create a new video
The value of Exporting may not be readily apparent but it is a powerful feature because it allows you to create a new video file with your changes embedded in it. Whether that is a change of speed, or key, or the zoom level, or deleting part of the footage, when you export these changes become permanent and portable and you can then open and play this video in any standard video player.
Video Editing
Video Surgeon contains some basic video editing capabilities. It can delete unwanted sections of a video allowing you to trim a long video down to only the part you are interested in. It also allows you to copy and paste individual segments between two or more videos, thereby giving you the ability to create a composite video from multiple individual videos

Whether a Student, Teacher or a
DIY Learner Video Surgeon Will Give You a

Golf, tennis, guitar, martial arts, yoga, harmonica, ping pong, yoyo, etc. - the list of endeavors is practically endless - all are activities that can benefit from - and be improved by video analysis. If you use video in your training, teaching, instructions, lessons, or learning Video Surgeon can be an enormously helpful tool. Get the frame-by-frame analysis you need to identify where you can improve your art, give yourself a competitive advantage, and set yourself on the path to true success. Best of all, it won't cost you an arm and a leg to get your hands on this powerful piece of software!

Here's What Others Are Saying About Video Surgeon

Lot of people cannot believe that I am only playing guitar since 18 months
I just tried the demo version. It is simply incredible, everybody can benefit of this program. I will order it in the next days, taking advantage of your offer.
It is the perfect extension of Song Surgeon. It really boosted my guitar playing. Lot of people cannot believe that I am only playing guitar since 18 months. But you and I have a little secret!!!!!!!
Thanks again,
Mario Blanche, Spain
I used V.S. to rip it from YouTube, slow it down, zoom in and learn it note by note
I am a solo jazz guitarist and I use Video Surgeon for learning complex jazz guitar songs that otherwise would be out of my reach without sheet music.
For example, the day after I purchased Video Surgeon, I ran across a video of a song that I just HAD to have in order to perform it in Christmas concert that I had been invited to perform in. I wrote the artist in the video and he wasn't able to provide me with the sheet music due to copyright issues. So I used Video Surgeon to rip it from YouTube, slow it down, zoom in and learn it note by note, chord by chord. And, only with the help of Video Surgeon I was able to learn this HUGE song for myself and perform it live in the concert last weekend.
Thank you.
Joseph Berkley Manuel
Video Surgeon has improved my golf game...
I have always been DIY kind of a guy. That means I teach myself. I have looked for a very long time for a program that can slow video down and then zoom in to allow me to more easily see a swing. Video Surgeon has made teaching myself easier and I have actually seen an improvement in my game.
Michael Dennison
Southern Sunny Florida
You guys have a great product
You guys have a great product. I actually find VS to be quite intuitive and user friendly, though I did watch the tutorial and other youtube videos on the software. Two things I am looking for are (a) the ability to take a fairly low quality video and enhance it to make a crisper, cleaner video (the clearest example I can think of is the enhanced video of the battleship Arizona during the Pearl Harbor attack which was originally shot with relatively low quality but was rendered with high definition recently and (b) the ability to take a crisp freeze frame and export the frame as a JPEG or picture image without having to resort to a third party solution like the snipping tool, etc.
your software has been a good investment
I practice Tai Chi very seriously and, with your software, I have been able to improve my form. There are many intricate moves within each form that I was not able to detect with other software. For me your software has been a good investment.
Bert Desjardins
Windsor, Ontario
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What operating systems does Video Surgeon run on?
Video Surgeon runs on Windows XP - Windows 8.X. It also runs on Mac OSx 10.6.8 - 10.10.X. Video Surgeon is not a mobile app and will not run on Android or iOS.
2. What is the lowest level of slow motion that can be used in Video Surgeon?
The slowest motion setting on Video Surgeon is 25%. However, Video Surgeon can easily go to 6.25% by Exporting a video with the 25% slow motion applied, and then reopening and slowing this new video down to 25% again. (25% of 25% equal to 6.25%)
3. How good is the video quality in Video Surgeon?
Video Surgeon cannot enhance the quality of video, so it is important to start with good quality video footage. To a great extent the "garbage in garbage" out adage applies. If you start with good quality video you will be able to slow down and zoom-in and analyze the video. However if you begin with low a quality video, then zooming may be impossible because the quality will deteriorate rapidly. Also, there are differences between interlaced and progressive video formats that will influence quality.
4. I am a musician and I am concerned about the audio quality as the video is slowed down.
Video Surgeon used a high quality audio algorithm to process the audio stream. This is the same
Audio algorithm we use in our audio software for musician, and it does an excellent job of maintaining audio quality at significantly reduced speeds.
5. Are the changes I make in Video Surgeon to a video permanent?
Video Surgeon enables you to save changes in two ways. One is as a Video Surgeon project file. This is an internal file format used only by Video Surgeon. Changes saved in project files are reapplied to the video when the project file is reopened, but no permanent changes are made. The second option is the Export option. This option embedded the changes you have made into a new video file, make your changes not only permanent but portable.
6. What is a loop point or looping area, and what is its purpose in Video Surgeon?
A looping area is an area create by placing an beginning and ending loop point on the video timeline. Looping areas area created as a way of isolating a segment of a video so it can be played repeatedly. Multiple looping areas can be created in the same video and each one can be customized separately to play at a separate speed or loop for a specified number of times.
7. Can Video Surgeon print frames?
Yes, Video Surgeon can print frames. It can print a single frame or it can print a series of frames. It also can print to paper, or it can print to a digitial image file (jpg)
8. I don't see my activity or endeavor listed on this page. Will Video Surgeon be of use for me?
Video Surgeon can be used in such wide variety of fields and endeavors that it is not possible to mention them all. Suffice it to say that if you currently use video as part of your learning, training, instruction or teaching, it is quite likely that you will find Video Surgeon to be helpful. Imagine opening one of the existing videos that you use for learning or instructions -- and then slowing it down, zooming-in and playing sections repeatedly. If that sounds like it would be helpful to you, you have answered your own question.