A MAC Version of Video Surgeon is under development.

The anticipated release date for this product is October 15, 2010. If you would like to be notified when the product is available, please complete the form below.

We are also looking for beta-testers for this product. Beta-testers will receive advanced copies of the product for testing. Beta testers are required to complete a scope of testing on these copies and send reports of their findings. Approximately 4-6 hours of work will be required of beta testers. If you are interested in being considered as beta tester please tick the box on the form indicating this, when submitting the form below.

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Update - 08/11/10

Last week I reviewed an alpha version of this software. I requested several small changes and sent it back to my developers. By the end of this week I should get a revised version which I think will be a beta.

1. The MAC version will have the ability to slow video lower than the PC version (50%). It will be able to slow to at least 25%, and perhaps lower.

2. Unlike the Windows version, the MAC version has a re-sizeable GUI. This will enable you to enlarge the video, in addition to the zooming function.

3. Like the windows version, this version also enables you to loop, change pitch, and download videos from the internet.

Once I have a true beta version, we will need about 2 more weeks to finish the graphics for the user interface and then we will be ready to begin some beta testing.

If you expressed an interest in being a beta tester, we will contact you about this shortly. We have many more beta testers than needed. We will be selecting from this group based upon the following criteria